Apr 25, 2011

Kids room and Hallway

To get more pages for the actual story, I plan on using the pages which are normally used for glueing or for the inner title. To get a first impression of the place the first picture will be a birds view of the children's room.
It will appear at the very end again in a similar version, to get a frame for the story.
It is much easier to draw a room, when you know exactly how it looks, this is my first step.
In addition, I look for a composition to show the room on a doublepage, that looks good and leaves place to put in some monsters. (we will only see these at the end)

The next doublepage is going to be a closer look on the children reading a monsterbook together.
This one is rather easy.

The third one was so clear to me even before I began the thumbs, I didnt have to rethink about it. Thats why the scene of the children looking under the bed isnt here.

The fourth will be a dark hallway whith a scary door at its end, that resembles a face.

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