Apr 25, 2011

Gettin' into detail

The next step was getting more specific.

- A boy and a girl (siblings or friends)
- Each one is around 5 years old.
- They have a monsterbook telling them where the monsters should be.
- They check the places but find none
- On each doublepage we see one place and a hidden monster, which the children do not see, so there are monsters everywhere in the house, but they find none.
- The only monsters they find are the cat, the mother with a scary beauty mask and their own shadows.

What places are there to check for the children and what could be scary?

dark hallway, wardrobe, under the bed, cellar, loft, sounds, smell, darkness, something moving, thinking there is something, only seeing the shape of an object, stairway, a tree, clouds, forms, shadows, spiders, unknown places, silence, open places, sounds from the drain, paintings, statues, stuffed animals, curtain, pets, sudden events, loud sounds like a clock...

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