Apr 25, 2011

Still improvements

Although I already changed a lot in the layout, there's still stuff to change.
For example:
I still dont really like the cellar. It doesnt work well with the other pages, in my opinion. Mostly, because I came up with it after beeing influenced by some childrens books I saw in the city. The other reason is the slightly out of place feeling I get from the "smelly drain page". I'll combine the both of them or at least let the smell scene happen in the cellar, right after the cellar stairway scene.

And than there's another problem:
The pages in the hallway and the one with noises in the wall look much too similar. I liked the noise layout really much so I'd like this one to stay as it is now, but that means I have to work on the hallway. I do so by changing the view from a total into a small glimpse of the hallway, seen through a slightly opened door.

The last thing is the cover. I had none until now, so I came up with a few, showed it to my professor and we agreed on using the "monster under the bed" scene for it, since it's one of the strongest pictures without spoiling the story.

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