Apr 25, 2011

Wardrobe, Cellar and Stairway

Once in the hallway, Connie and Victor are going to check out the wardrobe with a scary big coat in it. Like the "under the bed" picture, this one came to my mind almost immediately.

And another one was there at once. Noises comign from within the wall. It's only a mouse is it?

The next stop will be the cellar and this one really gave me a hard time. The cellar is dark, silent and a bit stinky. There's stuff lying around, some spider webs and maybe tubes or a rough wall.

I was experimenting with scenes. Maybe the two dont even go into the cellar, but just stand at the top of the stairs and look into the darkness. In that case we could look into the darkness or out of it. In both scenes the stairs would be a very important element. Since the next theme will be the staircase, I decide to take the view out of the darkness, to be able to show more of what is actually down there.

Like I just mentioned, the next doublepage will be the stairway. It's about the big and long free area on the stairs, the height and decent light. This is going to be very interesting with the stairs going crazy.

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