Jun 20, 2011

It's done !

Finally, my diploma project is basically finished.
Now I have to quickly get it to the printing shop.
And while I wait for it to be done, I work on my documentation, which is kind of a "making of" for my project, that every student has to do, although I think nobody really wants to read it.

Jun 18, 2011

Last steps

I did some minor changes to improve some more parts.
- Added the cat to the mother scene
- Changed the size of the children in the sewer scene (green) so they are not always the same size
- Moved the monsters in the cellar a little more to the middle, because they were too close to the edge
- Moved the red background and the windows in the corridor scene lower, because of the same reason
- Reworked some faces
- Added a paper texture and water effects for an overall look and make the open fields more interesting or for filling purposes

I added and edited the text and I think it is good like this. I'll go with Garamond regular.
For scenes with a darker background, I'd have preferred a slightly bolder font but I dont have a fitting one.

Next points:
-Some more improvement on the faces
-More contrast to the cat scene
And maybe I'll slightly change the format, since my teach mentioned, that he does not like simple DIN pages.

Jun 16, 2011


The pictures are done so far.
The text is written, too, although it can still be changed of course.
Now I'm looking for a fitting font.

My first thought is to use something similar to Adobe Garamond Pro.
Because some backgrounds or textfields are rather dark, I'd like to compare some fonts to see which are more readable on darker ground.
I think a bit more spacing and clear letters should do, not too small of course.
(Please excuse my typography english)

Jun 14, 2011

Almost done

I dont have much time these days since I'm really busy working on my project.
All the pages are done so far, just minor changes or some tests to improve it.
Texting is one of the next steps.
I'll post more when I have more time again.
For now I have to get it done.

Jun 6, 2011


I finally met up with my prof and it seems that most of my work now is good, but there are some minor things to correct, like a door, head size and such things.
There's just one page I will have to change the position of the kids into the foreground because it seems, that the size of the kids is too similar throughout the pages and this change would make it more interesting.

And on we go.