Jun 18, 2011

Last steps

I did some minor changes to improve some more parts.
- Added the cat to the mother scene
- Changed the size of the children in the sewer scene (green) so they are not always the same size
- Moved the monsters in the cellar a little more to the middle, because they were too close to the edge
- Moved the red background and the windows in the corridor scene lower, because of the same reason
- Reworked some faces
- Added a paper texture and water effects for an overall look and make the open fields more interesting or for filling purposes

I added and edited the text and I think it is good like this. I'll go with Garamond regular.
For scenes with a darker background, I'd have preferred a slightly bolder font but I dont have a fitting one.

Next points:
-Some more improvement on the faces
-More contrast to the cat scene
And maybe I'll slightly change the format, since my teach mentioned, that he does not like simple DIN pages.

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