Nov 27, 2011

School book style: vehicles

Enough of the people for now, time for something else: vehicles.
I need to do some more of these. Buses and bikes are kinda tricky to draw.

Nov 25, 2011

Female armor design

Sometimes I'm really at war with myself about design in games, especially on armor designs for female characters.

Nov 24, 2011

Nov 21, 2011

Jack's darkest hour

Jack's darkest hour.
Just a little fun fanart for the pirates.

Nov 20, 2011

Study: Light and Shadow relation (based on Andrew Loomis)

I re-read a part of Andrew Loomis texts about light, shadow and their relation to tone and value.
Loomis defined 4 properties of tone, but I couldnt come up with a similar visually clear concept, so I left the separation out and interpreted it all in my own way.
(It's often not easy to get what exactly is meant with tone or value)

Nov 19, 2011

Study: Tones/values

After working on my school book style all these days, I just head to do some art theory.
I was checking on tones/values and other points of interest in different lights.
Like shown, the weaker the lightsource, the less contrast exists compared to the shadow.
Edges become softer, at least in the background, especially in a foggy scene of course, but as well in scenes with a depth effect. The range of value deffers as well, according to the light situation the range and saturation of colours diminishes with the intensity of light.

School book characters: The race

The works till now were style and character studies, but now I've taken on the challenge of movement and dynamic poses.

Nov 16, 2011

School book characters: India

India it is.

School book characters: Old people

Old people are always much more interesting to draw than the young ones or at least that's my opinion.

Nov 15, 2011

School book characters: Dark skinned people

Next one: Dark skinned people...or whatever is political correct.

Nov 14, 2011

School book characters: China

Now that I got the drift for this style, doing more of these is a piece of cake.
New theme is China.
The characters could be the same, just at different ages.

School book characters: Office

Working here and there might be nice, but to get a portfolio done, I had to get more detailed on what I want to do. I decided for school books, since it's a way to use a rather simple and fast style of drawing, which isnt too far away from how I work.
And I really dislike many of the school book illustrations here in Germany. To me it looks all too boring and I'm confident that a schoolbook in my style would be more interesting, since the characters are more loveable.

First shot: It's roughly office themed
I'm ok with the characters, but the outlines could still be improved to be a little more sketchy, to make it look more dynamic.