Nov 20, 2011

Study: Light and Shadow relation (based on Andrew Loomis)

I re-read a part of Andrew Loomis texts about light, shadow and their relation to tone and value.
Loomis defined 4 properties of tone, but I couldnt come up with a similar visually clear concept, so I left the separation out and interpreted it all in my own way.
(It's often not easy to get what exactly is meant with tone or value)

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  1. Hi Thorsten Erdt,

    thank u so much for your article .. i have been reading loomis creating illustration book ... i really don't understand what is exactly his saying about the ' TONE'(basic intensities of light versus shadow)chapter.. I think now i can understand what he try to describing..

    i have clarifying one doubt that" intensities light "

    intensities light values are not static by diffuse,hazy sun , full sun, artificial lights.. . is that right ???

    what i mean to say that shall we take key light intensity value 4 by full sun light ???

    thank you