Feb 23, 2012

Study: Anatomy: The trunk / torso 2

I would have liked it better to edit this piece into the other post about the torso, but that would be too much text in one post, so I have to split it up.

The first part was about the bones of the torso, the ribcage and shoulders, to name them.

This one is about the muscles, as you can see.
In case you wonder, the red area shows rather flat zones, which is intersting when you have to add light and shadow.

So what's there to note ?

- The breast muscles are attached to the breast bone / collarbone on the one and to the upper arm on the other side.
-The abdominal muscles are not multiple muscles, but one big muscle band that is attached to the ribs/breastbone above and at the pelvis on the lower end.
-The saw shaped muscles (serratus anterior) are attached to the ribs and the shoulder blade.

Used George B. Bridgman's "The human machine", as well as google and wikipedia

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