Feb 27, 2012

Study: Anatomy: The trunk / torso 3 (Back)

The backside of the torso.
It seems so flat and empty at first, but if you want to understand the muscles it's really difficult.
I didnt draw any of this without reference, some proportions might be off here and there, though.
It's good enough for a starting point.

The first detailed one is to get a feeling of the body's form, while the one on the right is more to shematically show the positioning of the back muscles.
1 - Trapezius Muscle
2 - Latissiums Dorsi (one muscle, not two)
3 - Shoulderblade

The 3 illustrations down there show the muscles of the shoulder, which is really tricky, but in rough it's just one big boulder of muscle, that acts as a landmark on the back.
The shematic sketch and the shoulders can be found in George B. Bridgman's "The human machine", the detailed one has a reference on google somewhere.

I have a better understanding of the shoulder and the back now, but I still dont quite understand how and when the shoulderblade moves. I have to check on this some more.

What's to note ?
- Like mentioned in an earlier piece, the shoulderblade is embedded into the back instead of attached to the ribcage. It's only connection is at the collarbone.
- The most prominent back muscles are the two thick strings left and right of the spine.
- The next is the shoulder / the muscles on the shoulderblade, which stretch or deform while moving the arm and are bordered/covered by the Latissimus Dorsi below and the Trapezius and the Deltoid above.

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