Feb 21, 2012

Study: Anatomy: The trunk / torso

behold my new piece of study:
The torso / trunk or to be a little more precise:
The shoulders.
Most illustrations you will find in George B. Bridgman's "The Human Machine", but copying these will already improve your own skills. Once again, the book alione wont help much, you need to work deeper yourself and research other spources as well.
I was surprised how difficult it can be to find a good picture of a ribcage. The one above is not totally acurate.
The angle in the middle is too narrow, I think...or too round, maybe both.

If I got it right, the shoulder ring is rather stiff and moves like a balance.

- The arm is attached to the shoulderblade, not the ribcage
- The shoulderblade is imbedded into the back, rather than attached to the ribcage or smth.
- There are 12 ribs, but only the first 6 are attached to the breast bone (sternum), the lower 5 are indirectly connected to it and the lowest rib has no connection at all.
- All ribs have a connection to the spine.

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