Mar 4, 2012

Study: Anatomy: The leg 2

While the back was a surprisingly difficult area to deal with, I knew that the knee would be hard. I never really knew why a knee looks the way it does, which made me quite uncomfortable drawing them.
Bridgeman's drawings are (once again) too sketchy and flat to get you far. Google wasnt that much of a help this time.
I really had to search to find drawings or photos that helped me.

The first line up there are rough sketches on how the knee works. The actually possible movments are really restricted.

1 - outer view of the knee
2 - front
3 - inner view
4 - back

I'm still unsure about the entire knee area, but my feeling got a little better. The anatomy in these drawings should be aproximately correct, but dont look onto proportions yet.
I didnt pay attention to it.

- with a straight leg you can imagine the knee as a box or square inside the leg
- the knee form you see, are the ends of the thigh- and the leg bone.
- the kneecap works as a landmark for the area, since many muscles of the thigh and the leg are attached to it.

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