Mar 1, 2012

Study: Anatomy: The trunk / torso 5

The hip bones are difficult to grasp.
They have a really complex form and the drawings out there vary every time. I found a couch or something like that, which quite resembles the form we need.
In some darwings tutorials I've read to first draw the hip as a tilted box,...well, it kind of works.

On the side of the hips we have just a few muscles.
Gluteus Medius (between the upper edge of the hip and the leg bone)
a smaller muscle on the right side of the medius, which follows the same direction and
Gluteus Maximus (your sitting flesh, from the scrotum to the leg bone).

- The hip bone is like a cut in the body. There's no muscle stretching over it. they just start from it to the upper torso or to the legs.
- The lower end of the Gluteus Maximus is not on the same heigt as the lower end of the hip bone. The Maximus is lower.

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