Dec 17, 2014

portrait sketches

I used photo references, of course.
This is simply practise in drawing faces.

Dec 4, 2014

Anatomy sketches

I think this way of semi-threedimensional formal sketching is really fun and helps with thinking in depth.

Dec 2, 2014

League of Legends: Sea witch Nami: splash art

This is my entry for the League of Legends contest.
I made a sea witch skin for the champion Nami a while ago and decided to make a splash art for it.
In the process I had to design some parts that were placeholders in the original skin idea., which made the entire process take longer than usual.

Initial sketch for mood, rough colors and light.
I wanted to have an underwater scene.

Cleaning up and experimenting on the surroundings.
The first sketch lacked perspective or rather a background and the tentacles were a mess, so I moved the scene above the waterline.

The black pearl is an item from her lore, to give the image some context and history. I went for a cistern background, but wasnt quite satisfied yet. The tentacle bra was a pain to get right. It was worth it though.

 The cistern background didnt work, because there was no room to show the ceiling, which made the pillars look like random pillars in some undefined surrounding.
The staff looked boring so I worked on that part as well as the water. Also: A sweet strong light to push the focus!

 Final version!
I worked on the magic effects, the arm and the colors.
The green was just too strong in the previous version.
I really like how this turned out.