May 31, 2011

Work in progress

WIP... work in progress
I'd prefer to have a feedback by my prof but somehow he's not there...since two weeks.
There's not much time left so I just have to go with it, no matter if he likes it or not.

May 26, 2011

Monster Designs no2

The last two:
1.a children's shadow observer
1.b Loft owners
2. Monstrosity in the garden

There are some other monsters not shown here:
- children's room monster
- hallway monster


First round of summed up monster designs.
1. keyhole monsters
2. the one behind the wardrobe door
3. cellar beast
4. sewer monster
5. Staircase monster

Drawings done

Today I will go scan all my pages and finally start colouring.
It took a bit of time to design the little monsters in the house, but I like them now.
I wont redraw the blue lines for now, so I can maybe still do changes if something important hits the eye of my prof; I hope it doesnt happen.

I'll add some scans of the little fellas later on.

May 19, 2011

I transfered my layouts onto DINA3 format and I once more are unhappy with the cellar scene.
My Prof said it was too vortex like and by the way I noticed that the children are too often positioned in the lower left area of the double page.
I checked some alternate layouts, though Im not sure which one is good enough.
We will see.

May 5, 2011

The way to go

I'm testing out some methods of how to colour my works.
1-4 Gouache
5 Acrylics
6 Digital

May 3, 2011

Shorter text

The first version of my text was well written and fun to read but sadly too long for a childrens book. According to my prof I should try to get down to one and a half page of typewriter for the entire book, which comes down to roughly 5-6 lines of text on each doublepage.
The text is now far less describing and more plotlike.
I like it.

May 2, 2011

Final colour setup

One meeting with my prof later...I added some light effect to the children and reverted 2 pages to an earlier state. If I dont suddenly come up with a better great idea, this will be my final colour setup. Changes can still be applied of course.
Next I will work on the text's well written but too long.

Picking up childrens colours

I looked at the character sketches again and picked the colours I wanted to use for these and implemented them into the book. It definetely looks a lot better, just because it gives the book a colour scheme.

Colour sheme and a little darker

I thought about what I want and it's simple:
A childrens book and it's supposed to be scary.
A scary atmosphere isnt created with flashy colours but with darkness and reduces colours, so thats what I aimed for this time. I used brighter colours in the beginning, because the childrens room isnt scary and used the yellow-ish tones again throughout the book.

May 1, 2011

Less colour?

Another approach to the colour question.
The previous tries were so flashy, so I just tried a very reduced form of colouring.
The basic tones are black, white and orange. I tried to use orange to show the frightening part in the picture. It definetely looks interesting.

Colour variation 2

Like in the previous one, some more colour variations, changes in the values and the brightness and adding little touches of colour to get the pictures more dynamic.
I just hope it's not too flashy.
I also worked on some dark parts, where text was supposed to be placed to get it more readable.

Colour variation 1

I worked on the colours some more. It's getting better I think.
I implemented a little more complementary colours into panels I thought to be too mono-coloured.