Feb 28, 2012

Study: Anatomy: The trunk / torso 4

I thought the shoulderblade deserved a seperate study;
to be more precise, the movement of the shoulderblade.

1 - Relaxed
2 - Pulled back
3 - Pulled up
4 - Pulled up + Rotation because of the lifted arms
5 - Relaxed Sideview
6 - Pulled to the front

In an earlier piece, I quoted an illustration from G.B.Bridgeman that displayed the shoulder ring as a scale, that's not right though, I think. If it was like a scale, you wouldnt be able to pull up both your arms at the same time...or maybe I just miss a point. I guess it was to simplyfie the matter.

For this work, I checked several videos on youtube.
I recognized that the shoulderblade does move, but not as much as I thought before. I still dont have a clear vision of how the muscles deform while the shoulderblade moves, but that will hopefully come with more practise.

- I got nothing this time ^^°

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