Apr 22, 2012

Warcraft Ogre Monk

After all of these anatomy studies, I wanted to put it to use and see how much I've learnt.
Therefore I needed something with muscles and not too many clothes.
Since I like checking designs and game development from Blizzard (World of Warcraft), I decided to go for an Ogre Monk. Ogres are not playable, but since Blizzard is going to introduce a new race and the monk class, I thought that these buddies would make quite good monks.

Here's also a work process.
I wrote down some thoughts, to make clear what I changed and why.
I'd love to see something like this from other artists, too.


  1. Hi ! I've seen your post on Team Awesome ! It's great, you are very communicative on the way you work, and I love that !
    Most importantly I also think, is that you seem to be serious about learning anatomy, and so am I !!
    I'm going to watch you, and maybe we will be able to help each other out, who knows ?! ;)

    1. Well, there's no reason to be in "secret-mode" about stuff like that since it always depends on yourself what you can learn from it. It's not like I'd have some recepy for success and nobody else may have it. ^^

    2. I like the way you think ! ;)