Dec 30, 2013

The golden calf

If you're already worshipping money, gold and wealth,
you might as well make it official...
All hail Mammon!

Dec 12, 2013


I live in the beautiful city of Muenster in Germany and our Lake, the "Aasee", has a very unique story to it.
Many birds live on the lake, but the black swan girl Petra is special.
Swans stay together with their partner of choice forever and Petra fell in love with a pedal boat that looks like a big white swan.
Wherever the silent white swan goes, she will follow.
Everybody loves the  cute couple.

Oct 3, 2013

New website is online!

My website is finally online!
Come and pay me a visit.

Sep 13, 2013


Let's face it,
marihuana is not nearly as much of a threat as politicians
and culture make it seem.

Sep 9, 2013

Tribute to Michael Jackson

August 29th is the birthdayy of Michael Jackson, the "king of pop".
The man may be gone, but the icon lives on.

Aug 31, 2013

Aug 27, 2013

The chinese economy numbers

I recently read an article about an chinese economist who has proven that the numbers about the chinese economy,
given out by the government, cannot be correct.
I dont remember the details, but the numbers (like the GDP) are exaggerated and bloated.

This illustration is intended as beeing surrounded by text.

Aug 19, 2013

NSA monster

About the NSA monster and it's "spying on everyone" habit.

All done in Photoshop.

Aug 5, 2013

NSA goes fishing

When you cannot catch the fish you want,
just catch everything.
This way you will be sure to get what you want.

...talking about fishy methods.

Jul 9, 2013

Last Unicorn editorial illustration

An Illustration for "The last Unicorn".
I love this movie.

I basivally left the unicorn as it was, but for the bull I decided to go for a more frightening and ghost like design.

May 1, 2013

Superior technology

The 2nd cartoon I did for the money themed contest.

Apr 29, 2013

True super-power

One of two pieces I did for a cartoon
contest about money.

Feb 9, 2013

LoL Preseason contest

League of Legends had a digital art contest running and I just had to participate. There are Wacom Cintiques to be won after all.

The topic was to show one ore more characters from the game, preparing for the next season of the game with some new items.

Jan 6, 2013

Magic the gathering: Taunting goblins

Another fictional piece for Magic the gathering.

title: Taunting goblins
type: creature
colour: red

done in Photoshop